Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not Sure Where I Stand.

   Having a tough time this week/month. I want to teach better, and I know better means less of me and more from the students. I have a crazy pacing guide 12 days to teach fractions, decimals, percents, scientific notation, negative exponents, and square roots AND that includes the testing day. So trying to get students to understand things at this fast rate. Oh I'm behind the pacing guide because students needed extra time for integer operations.  Just suffice to say I'm tired. I have been working at school way too late and I'm not getting anywhere. So late I'd be embarrassed to say. I am buried in paper work. Organization is not my strength so I try to work at it daily...but I'm kinda like Pigpen on Peanuts. He would come outside all clean and just standing there the dirt come to him and in seconds he would be a mess. That's me on the chance I was actually able to get all papers put away, by the end of bell one I am buried in papers again. I have tried everything. I organize and reorganize but nothing works...this year seems worse than past years. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If you are one of those naturally organized you know where everything goes people, please recognize that not every one's brain works that way. It has taken me years to realize this myself. That does not mean I can't learn. So how do I do it all? Keep organized, keep students that are struggling with/near the pacing guide. If I can get all the "stuff" in order I would have more time for real lesson planning and maybe even spend time with my family. Just a thought.

   Made a cute foldable on checkbook math. Then had students go to this fun site to practice .  I will say my pre-algebra students are appreciative of cute foldables.  I was going to attach the foldable but I must have left it in school. Will try to attach it later this week.