Saturday, October 5, 2013

Before I start I want to say Thank You!!

     I took the leap! I started a math blog. I wanted to join the ranks of the wonderful math teachers whose blogs I have read and enjoyed.  I am not sure I have a lot to share but I look forward to getting some wonderful input from some of the teachers I have been following.  I did this because I want to be part of the "Explore the MathTwitterBlogosphere" challenge starting tomorrow. I hunger for people to talk math with and am excited to connect with other teachers.
     Before all of this starts I just want to say thank you to all of the blogs I have been reading for the last year. Thank you for making me a better teacher.  Thank you for taking the time away from your children, family, life to write on your blog and share your teaching ideas with me. My students have benefited from your sharing. I work with some wonderful teachers that truly care about teaching. But because of school requirements much of our core meeting time is spent on making common assessments and looking over the data from the last test and not enough about sharing how we are teaching.  Our schedules don't always allow us the time to talk math like I would love to do. The MTBoS allows me to meet up with other teachers anytime. I can read some one's blog at midnight if that's when I have the time. I can put a question out on Twitter and if someone can help they will respond when they see the post. Thank you for giving of yourselves to make someone you may never meet, a better teacher.  (A special thank you to Justin Lanier for the Math is Personal class this summer. Its that interaction that is giving me the courage to go beyond voyeur to participant.)  So to every one who has written a blog to share an activity, classroom decorations, foldables, or just the funny things kids say. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have inspired me to be a better teacher, inspired me to create a better classroom, my students have enjoyed your foldables, and you gave me a laugh just when I needed it. I hope I can give back just a little of what you all have given me this past year.