Saturday, September 13, 2014

#mtboschallenge Week 4: First Week of School

  We have officially ended our second week of school and my students and I are finally starting to get into a good classroom routine.  Students have caught onto my “class”  “yes” routine which allows me to have students talk and re-teach each other concepts but allows me to quickly get their attention back and quiet down to move onto the next thing we are doing. Students found it strange on the first day but we are having fun with all the talking in class now. The more enthusiastic students are when they teach each other the more fun it is. Studies show when students are having fun they are able to retain and learn more information so hopefully I can tap into that part of their brains with this “Whole Brain Teaching” style. Its still a work in progress for me to remember to keep this up. But the more I do it the better it works. 
  I set my classroom up totally different this year with a table in the center of the room with supplies on it. It is working out great! Students can quickly get the materials needed for class. Its been working smoothly; students can needed materials quickly and back to their group without a wait.
 As the year progresses classroom management often gets away from me. I know part of the reason is that I do not spend enough time in the beginning of the year practicing routines, procedures and rules. I am making a point to do more of this this year. I did want to give students a list of procedures to put in their notebook but I had trouble editing it down to a short list, so that's out for now. But I do have classroom rules that I have posted and we have reviewed them daily. We have practiced some of the classroom routines and talked about expectations. I tend to get frustrated with students when they are not behaving in class the way I want them to but I must own up to not always telling students my expectations. I am not only talking but having students talk to each other about the expectations so I can listen to what they are saying and be sure that they truly understand.
 Here is my first week summary:
Day 1: Students make things with play-doh that represent themselves. I get to walk and talk informally with students. Then they share with me their creations and what it says about them. This is fun and shows me a different side of students. After that a quick power point of Mrs. Olsen's world showing where/what to do in class.
Day2: Go over classroom rules and expectations. Introduce "class" "yes" procedure. Math 7 students play a number line activity where they compare integers and the number with the greatest value wins. Its active and gives me a chance to walk around and see where students are in their understanding of the value or positive vs negative numbers.
Day 3: Review rule/procedures. Practice class/yes routine. Math 7 students play similar number line game as day 2 but today the number furthest from zero will be the winner. This game introduces the concept of absolute value without using the terminology.
Day 4: Review rules/procedures. Math 7 students play similar number line game putting the three days together. They roll to get their number and graph on the number line. After both partners have rolled they flip a coin that has n on one side and on the other the n is inside absolute value bars. If a student rolls the n they keep the number they have. If they roll the absolute value side they then take absolute value of their number. If its a change they need to move their playing piece. The winner is the number with the greatest value.
  All in all it was a good week. The activities eased students back into the school routine. They allowed them to talk and work and get their minds engaged back into school. Not bad for the first week. Just wish I was quicker at learning my students' names.

Monday, September 1, 2014

My Classroom

  I always enjoy reading posts about other teacher's classrooms so I thought I would share my classroom this year. It hasn't changed too much in the past couple years. I was tired of the same old posters and wanted it to have a warmer feel so I looked at a lot of themes in Schoolgirl Style. I decided on a black white and red theme, though this year I added a few other splashes of color. Enough talking here are some pictures.

 Here is the view as you walk in the door.

 These show the front of my classroom

 See the cute polka-dot skirt I sewed for my podium? The holder on the end I got from Thirty-one. (My daughter sells it so I always know when the specials are on. But on special or not it is heavy duty and  keeps things organized.)
 The Bell drawer is where all papers are handed in. The black stacking holders are where students will find their work if they were absent. It frustrated me though when students did not come in to make up graded assignments so I attach a slip to their papers now that tell them if there was something graded they need to make up. In my pre-algebra classes I have students collect and fill out the slips for the missing people in their group. If you want to see the form leave me a comment and I will come back and add it. I would do it now
 The posters I do have are to add to the classroom community. I want students to know making mistakes is a part of math, actually its just a part of learning. The poster next to it is dear to my heart because a couple students made it for me a few years back. It says "In Mrs. Olsen's World everyone loves math". And that is truly my hope.

 I love my folder holder below the mistakes poster. I place all corrected papers in there by bell. The bottom one holds my homework clipboard.

 Love my Wordle poster. Got a great deal on groupon one time so I was able to make my classroom posters for next to nothing.
 Just some math signs to decorate the wall and keep with the classroom theme. Love my calculator caddy. No problem anymore when students forget calculators. I assign calculators by the number they are on my roll, so if one goes missing I know where to look.

 I added red and black fabric to an old bulletin board to spruce it up. This where fliers or announcements go. I found the stars on clearance and my husband spray painted them to match my theme.  To the left of this bulletin board I have sign that says family and I have pictures of my children with their families. Pictures of my grandchildren. And a big family picture (that keeps falling down.) I have tried every thing to hand the picture, but I think because its over the heating/ac vent the hooks and Velcro don't stick.

 I am putting classroom supplies in the middle of the class this year. I am hoping there will be less wasted time when students need to borrow glue or scissors, etc...

OK I saved the best for last. Here is my back wall. The math sign was inspired by Julie Reulbach though honestly I don't remember what, if it was a picture on her blog? I went to check her archives back to when I saw it but its not there but I do know the idea came from her so I wanted to give credit where credit is due.
 The hanging next to the sign I found at Bed Bath and Beyond. You know their coupons never expire right? So never pay full price.
 My Wordle poster, always feeding students a love of math.

 Oh I wanted to show you the skirt I sewed for my desk. I also covered my chair.It was an ugly rust cover but I love green and this bright one is just the right splash of color in my classroom.
 So that's my classroom. I hope you enjoyed it.. I really struggle with organization but I think this year I have everything set up for a fluid organized movement in class.
 I am so looking forward to school starting tomorrow and sharing my classroom with a whole new group of students. I hope that Mrs. Olsen's World will bring them a greater love of math and a desire to keep learning!!