Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Student Surveys and Crazy Days

   Today I had to take my core plus class down to the computer lab to take a survey on their learning styles. This is part of the requirements that we have on Teacher Observation years. Yes we get observed every year but every three years we have to do a portfolio and our observations are a lot more formal. I also need to do a student survey on what my students think of my teaching. I figured I could send the students to the website for this survey today too making good use of my time...but I was a little worried. Usually you want to do this on a day student are in a good mood. But today I was giving back their tests and a handful of students did very poorly. Surprisingly so.  So should I give the survey or not? Well I decided to go for it. Maybe there are things I could have done better for those 3-4 students and they will share it on the survey. I know not everyone will like my teaching style and I know there is always room for improvement. Probably why I spend my summers reading on ways to teach better. This year I have implemented a lot of changes and I hope in the course of the year it makes a difference in how my student perceive maths. I want them to know more than algorithms I want them to see the joy in it. In the process of taking these two surveys the students were just bouncing off the walls. (Maybe because they got me to "dab" ) in class?  Lol. I love my students and some days its just fun to have fun with them. Getting to see their personalities and letting them see a little more of my non-teacher side.  So this was a bit of a crazy class (glad it was only the last bell of the day). A little louder than I enjoy but still a day that gave me joy. Teaching is such a blessing and with all the changes this year I have found my joy in teaching again.